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Reporting from Phoenix and Bylas, Ariz., Jack Healy interviewed more than a dozen families and obtained autopsy reports to detail deaths in Arizona’s sober-living system. Arizona spent $1 billion on addiction treatment, much of it fraudulent, officials said. Scores of Native Americans who sought help are still struggling with untreated addiction — and some died in rehab. While you may think exercising isn’t your cup of tea, it can improve your mood and health, as well as reduce stress. Working out doesn’t have to consist of going to the gym several times a week or lifting weights. Exercise can include a variety of activities like yoga, pilates, playing sports, swimming, kayaking, and more.

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With events, retreats, coaching, resources, and more, this community of like-minded individuals is for women who want to be stronger together in their recovery. It reinforces the community aspect of recovery, helping you surround yourself with others who have the same goal, so you’ll be more likely to stick to it yourself. The community reinforces that it’s okay to fail so long as you get back up again, which makes it feel non-judgmental and supportive. Forever35 is a podcast between two best friends that has sprouted many Facebook groups—but none quite as moving as the Forever35 Sober group.


The only real difference from other AA groups is that it seeks to center the experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse and want to get sober. Talk therapy gives you the one-on-one attention that you can’t get from meetings. It’s helpful to have someone on your team, who understands your background and is trained to help you navigate whatever you’re going through.

Finding support while you’re dealing with addiction or alcohol use disorder can be challenging and overwhelming. Friends and family members may offer help but a structured group or program can be more effective in providing a plan that can keep you on track toward your goal of recovery. It provides a safe space for sharing your experiences and challenges, while also offering a new network to connect with as you try to live a sober lifestyle. Many of the online groups here offer 24/7 access to an online community and resources and tools that can help motivate and guide you.

Additional Sobriety Support Spaces & Resources

The best part of the program is that they help you to empower yourself to overcome your addictions, which, for some, is a welcome change from traditional 12-Step programs. SMART Recovery is a sober community that focuses on helping individuals through group meetings. A team of trained sobriety leaders.Trained meeting leaders, coaches, and thought leaders. Ms. Mayes said the treatment centers operated largely unchecked for years, taking advantage of gaps in an Arizona program that funds health care for low-income tribal members.

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