Must Have Skills For React Native Developer

A cross-platform programming language designed to run robust applications on any device. View projects implemented using this server side programming language known for its ease of use and speed of development. View projects implemented using this backend javascript framework for web apps.

React Native Developer skills

Many companies prefer the same cultural direction even over the hard skills that still can be taught. Pinterest — Pinterest is another great option for React Native developers, especially if you’re interested in working on mobile applications. There are many factors to consider when deciding the salary of React Native developers. If a developer has previously worked on big projects, they will be looking for a salary that is certainly higher than their previous one. However, companies do not always have to select React Native developers that command a handsome salary. They can easily look for a team of junior and middle-level developers who have experience in successfully working on projects themselves.

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Technology is at its peak and will rise with many amazing tools coming forward. Now it’s time to start putting the pieces together to craft a great junior React Native developer job description that will attract only the best candidates. FullStack Labs is a leading software consultancy specializing in React Native development. We’ve built dozens of React Native apps for a variety of companies, including Uber, Ericsson, and others. Our services include designing and developing new apps, working on existing apps, and team augmentation/staffing.

React Native Developer skills

This will ensure that they are not using all their resources on a single hire and take on more projects with a bigger team. With that said, companies cannot afford to cut corners for particular projects requiring specific knowledge and prior experience of a similar kind. This is why you must look for a React Native engineer who manages his time well. A good test of this would be to give a small project to the React Native developer with a strict timeline. If they can submit the same within the timeframe of the project, then they will be a good fit for the organization.

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The combination of these two skill sets distinguishes an excellent specialist from an entire army of average ones. But of course this pertains not only to RN developers – it’s more of a universal truth. Knowing JavaScript inside-out is crucial to building components, creating the entire application logic and services, as well as understanding their flow. Depending on the type of mobile app that you need to be developed, you may need to test other skills as well. So take your time to think about what other skills your React Native developer should possess.

React Native Developer skills

Advanced experience also means that you are capable of performing tasks like project management and team leadership, which are invaluable skills in any industry or domain. Due to this multifaceted skill set, senior professionals are paid higher compensation. As with all public job postings, you should expect to receive dozens to hundreds of applicants, of which almost all will be unqualified.

What should you ask when interviewing a React Native engineer?

React Native is a great choice for startups and for projects that don’t require complicated interfaces, logic, and access to native mobile features. By using React Native, you can reach a large audience at once – as one app can be used by both Android and iOS platforms. This list may include some specific skills related to the position or requirements of the company. But, overall this sums up nearly all skills that are required for this role. A React Native Developer is a developer who works on building UIs using React Native frameworks for different platforms.

React Native Developer skills

Turing offers top-quality, cost-effective, and highly productive developers who belong to the top 1% of the world’s remote developers. All Turing developers are selected only after going through a series of rigorous tests where their skills are evaluated for a Silicon Valley bar. Daily standups are mandatory for every Turing developer as they keep the developer and the customer in alignment with the discussed goal. All Turing remote developers work for at least 4 hours in your time zone for your convenience.

Interview Questions for React Native Developers

Integrating React Native testing into your hiring process is your best bet for finding your next great junior React Native developer. We also have a large team of React Native developers available, both onshore and nearshore, to build your solution. This help candidates understand our project management process and how we manage teams and individuals. We’re a medium-sized team that’s growing fast, so everyone that joins has a direct impact on the direction and success of the company.

  • The best thing you can find out from him is whether he has worked on a React Native project.
  • These platforms collect clients’ feedback about development teams all over the world.
  • A JavaScript framework maintained by Google that addresses many of the challenges encountered when building single-page apps.
  • There are multiple sources like hiring a freelancer, React native development company, or hiring an in-house react native developer.
  • Once you’ve decided which way you want to create your React Native app, you can follow the instructions in the official documentation to get started.
  • You must ensure that the react native app development company you hired ought to be independent in their research and ready to propose solutions.

The increase in mobile usage has also led to a rise in the number of mobile applications, thereby creating demand for React Native developers. We rely on mobile applications for every aspect of our lives, from banking to grocery shopping. Moreover, the mobile application industry is estimated to generate $935 billion worth of revenue by 2023. Companies can get a significant share of this revenue by hiring experienced and professional React Native developers.

If your organization is one of the many aiming to hire an excellent junior React Native developer, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you find the right candidate. This means that the demand for React Native developers is high, and finding expert developers is a top priority for many software development companies. The table below summarizes the average annual React Native Developer salary rates according to the 4 platforms categorized based on the level of experience. For this reason, your command over the desired expertise also impacts how much compensation you can expect.

The main points to consider while hiring a react native developer, along with a sneak peek into the cost of app development, are to eliminate any loopholes in the process. The core skills required to hire a react native developer are Javascript, virtual DOM, JSX, etc. Further, react native developers should write clean codes and understand the codes for the app development process. The ability to understand the adjacent technologies are necessary to create sustainable react native apps. However, businesses and professionals face the issue of hiring an ideal react native developer for different projects.

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